僕人之歌 SERVANT SONG ( IV) — (以賽亞書 Isaiah 52-12 – 53:12)


I am willing to listen to the Lord’s command like the servant in the Servant Song.

僕人之歌( )


經文:  以賽亞書 Isaiah 52-12 – 53:12

釋義:  「僕人」一詞先前曾用過十一次,多數用來指以色列或雅各;即是說,是指上帝的百姓,在失敗與受屈辱之時,卻為上帝所揀選與迅即被救贖(四一8-9四二19四三10四四1-2,21四五4四九3,6)。其中兩次是出現於稱為僕人之歌的經文(四九3,6),而另一次(四二1),似乎是指古列。但是「祂僕人」(五十10),也可以是指先知自己,所以第三首僕人之歌(五十4-9)可能在某程度上屬於自傳式的。

INSIGHT:   The word ‘servant’ has been used  previously 11 times, mostly referring to Israel or Jacob, i.e. God’s people whom God chose and delivered right away (41:8-9, 42:19, 43:10, 44:1-2, 21, 45:4, 49:3,6) at times of failure and humiliation. Two of the events appear in the scripture named ‘Servant Song’ (49:3,6), and another (42:1) seemingly refers to Cyrus.  But “his servant” (50:10) may refer to the prophet himself.  Therefore, to a certain extent, the third Servant Song (50:4-9) may be biographical.  

至於第四首歌中的僕人, 應該是指著以色列人所盼望, 在末日來臨的彌賽亞。首先, 歌中論到僕人的遭遇和成就遠超自知個人或以色列民族的境況。其次, 以色列人對這章聖經所講的僕人, 解釋是彌賽亞性的。早期教會時, 衣索匹亞太監敬拜後從耶路撒冷回國途中閱讀這段聖經, 不明所指, 腓利給他講明乃預言耶穌的救贖(徒八26~30)。而這首僕人之歌每一節被新約引用在耶穌的救贖事工上, 下列將主要新約引用的經文列出, 請翻閱比較:

As for the servant in the fourth song, it most likely refers to the Messiah whom the Israelites long for to come in the end times.  First, the servant’s suffering and achievement spoken of in the song go far beyond those of anyone or the nation of Israel.  Second, regarding the description of the servant in this chapter, the Israelites interpret it to be about the Messiah.  During days of the early church, on the way back to his home country after worshipping in Jerusalem, an Ethiopian eunuch read the passage and didn’t understand it; then Philip explained to him that it was a prophecy about Jesus’s salvation (Acts 8:26-30).  Each verse of this Servant Song is referenced to Jesus’s saving work in the New Testament.  The following is a list of the references.  Please read and compare:     

五二13  必被高舉上升,且成為至高──徒二23腓二9~11

52:13   Be lifted up and be exalted —  Acts 2:23, Philippians 2:9-11

 五二14  許多人因他驚奇──太七28, 廿二22, 廿七14,  可五42, 六51, 七37, 十26,32, 路二47, 四36, 五26, 等

52:14   Many were astonished at Him —  Matthew 7:28, 22:22, 27:14, Mark 5:42, 6:51, 7:37,10:26,32, Luke 2:47, 4:36, 5:26,  etc.

五二15  未曾傳與他們的,他們必看見;未曾聽見的,他們要明白──羅十五21, 十六26, 弗三5-9

52:15  Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand —  Romans 15:21, 16:26, Ephesians 3:5-9

五三1   我們所傳的有誰信呢──約十二38

53:1    Who has believed what we preach —  John 12:38

五三2   無美貌使我們羨慕他──可六3

53:2   No beauty to be envied of —  Mark 6:3

五三3   他被藐視──可九12太廿七39-44

53:3   He was despised —  Mark 9:12, Matthew 27:39-44

五三4   擔當我們的憂患,背負我們的痛苦──太八17

53:4   Borne our griefs and carried our sorrows —  Matthew 8:17

五三5   他為我們的過犯受害──林後五21彼前二24

53:5   He was pierced for our transgressions —  2 Corinthians 5:21, 1 Peter 2:24

五三6   我們都如羊走迷──彼前二25

53:6   We all have gone astray like sheep —  1 Peter 2:25

五三7   不開口──約十九9, 路廿三9, 可十五5, 彼前二23, 徒八32

53:7   Opened not His mouth —  John 19:9, Luke 23:9, Mark 15:5,  1 Peter 2:23, Acts 8:32

五三8   受欺壓和審判──徒八33

53:8   Oppressed and judged — Acts 8:33

五三9   與財主同埋──太廿七57, 可十五43, 約十九38, 路廿三50

53:9   Buried with a rich man —  Matthew 27:57, Mark 15:43, John 19:38, Luke 23:50

五三10  為贖罪祭──弗五2, 來七27, 九14,25, 彼前二24

53:10 An offering for guilt — Ephesians 5:2, Hebrews 7:27, 9:14, 25, 1 Peter 2:24

五三11  得稱為義──羅五19, 彼前二24, 三18

53:11 To be accounted righteous — Romans 5:19, 1 Peter 2:24, 3:18

五三12  被列在罪犯當中──可十五28, 路廿二37, 羅八34

53:12  Numbered with the transgressors — Mark 15:28, Luke 22:27, Romans 8:34

聖經清楚說明耶穌就是以賽亞書預言的神選召的受苦僕人, 可是飽學之士的文士、法利賽人仍然拒絕祂。我們或者不會像法利賽人那樣藐視耶穌, 向耶穌舉手表示反對, 但是會否貌合神離地用腳投票, 口稱耶穌:「主啊! 主啊!」, 腳卻不遵神的話行; 用嘴唇尊敬主,心卻遠離神;敬畏主,不過是領受人的吩咐。(賽廿九13太十五8可七6)

The Bible clearly indicates that Jesus is the afflicted servant that God called,  as prophesied in the book of Isaiah.  Yet the very educated scribes and the Pharisees still rejected Him.  Perhaps we would not show contempt to Jesus like the Pharisees, raising our hands to express antagonism.  But do we vote with our feet behind closed doors where we call Jesus ‘my Lord! my Lord!’ yet do not follow God’s Word, honoring the Lord only with our lips while keeping our heart far away.  Fearing the Lord is nothing more than a commandment taught by men (Isaiah 29:13, Matthew 15:8, Mark 7:6) 

廿世紀世界聞名的德國元帥俾斯麥說: 「凡人說對某件事原則上同意, 就是婉轉的拒絕, 不願照辦。」

World renowned German Chancellor of the 20th century Bismarck said, ‘When you say you agree to a thing in principle you mean that you have not the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice.’

如果10分完全接受耶穌, 向祂委身, 你給自己打多少分?

If accepting Jesus and being devoted to Him fully is 10 out of 10, how will you rate yourself? 

每日讀經 by 洪同勉牧師 Rev. Tommy Hung

(English Translation:  Ms. Lori Wong)