The Rebellious Heart (Deuteronomy 1:19-33) Sermon by Egan Yip – January 10, 2021

The world is in a very strange time right now. Every command of God is being openly challenged by the world. Many things that seemed like common sense are being flipped upside down. You may be facing troubles already or there may be troubles coming your way. What will your response be in the midst of these troubles?

When I was little, I thought that faith should be easy. Just gotta believe. Just gotta trust in God. Easy! But that was when life was still sunshine and rainbows, a time when I was hopelessly naïve. But the longer you live, the older you get, the more you realize that faith in God is hard. Failures, disappointments, regrets, loss… it all takes its toll.

But we have to keep the faith. We have to keep trusting in God. We have to stay in the Word and in the church. Because, once our faith is weak, it doesn’t matter what we’ve seen or been through with God. The experience itself isn’t enough. What matters is whether or not we’ve learned through it or grown in it! If we squander what God has done in our lives, it will be like it was for nothing. It will be like these Israelites who constantly grumbled at God’s goodness—never learning and never grateful. And when God demands obedience at the turning point when it seems impossible to obey, what will happen? What will be our response?

We can either run away, thinking that God hates us and end up missing out on His great plan for us. Or we can push ahead, trusting that God does indeed love us, and end up finding the goodness that awaits those who seek after the living God.