CHAPTER 47 – Revelation 21:15-27 新聖城的榮耀 THE GLORY OF THE NEW HOLY CITY

新耶路撒冷到底是甚麽?是一個城,還是一群人?她既然是基督的新娘,當然應該是眾聖徒,是新舊約教會合一的群眾。What is actually the new Jerusalem? Is it a city or a group of people? Since she is the bride of Christ, she must be all the saints together, she is a group that includes all the churches of the New Testament and of the Old Testament.

巴比倫城是混亂之城,是那大淫婦,代表名義上屬於主,事實上跟隨世界生活方式的梵帝岡。耶路撒冷是平安的城,有和諧的團契生活。The city of Babylon is a city of confusion, it is the great prostitute, it represents those who nominally belong to the Lord, but in reality they follows the lifestyle of the world, which is the Vatican. Jerusalem is the city of peace, it is a harmonious fellowship.

新耶路撒冷有極大的榮耀。榮耀,原意是非常耀眼的光。神是大榮光,人不能直接看祂。現在人所指的「榮耀」,偏重於面子、光榮。她的榮耀是怎樣的呢?The new Jerusalem has great glory. The original meaning of glory is a very dazzling light. God has great glory, people cannot look at Him directly. The “glory” of the people of today emphasizes showing outward reputation and honor. But, how is the glory of the new Jerusalem?



15 對我說話的拿著金葦子當尺,要量那城和城門城牆。

15 The angel who talked with me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city, its gates and its walls.

城、城門、城牆被量過,表示這城的規格、形狀、大小、強度,全都合標準。滿有基督長成的身量。The city, its gates and its walls were measured. This indicates that the specifications, the shape, the dimensions, the strength, everything was according to standards. Christ’s life was fully developed in it.

記得在十一章量聖所的時候,「外院不用量,因為是給了外邦人踐踏的。」在這新耶路撒冷,裡面沒有不屬於神的外邦人。整個城,裡面所有的人都是屬神的,所以全部都量。Remember that in chapter 11, John was told to measure the Sanctuary, but to : “Exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. Inside the new Jerusalem there are no gentiles that do not belong to God. Everyone inside the city belongs to God, therefore, the whole city had to be measured.

十一章說的是大災難期間的地上教會。不是全部屬於神的人,裡面有外邦人、不信的人、看熱鬧的人,甚至敵對神的人。所以只量那些在聖所中做禮拜的。但在這裡,講將來的聖城耶路撒冷,範圍大很多,但全都要量,因為裡面沒有看熱鬧的人,只有神的子民,和天國的同工。Chapter 11 is talking about the church on the earth during the great tribulation. Not everyone belonged to God, inside it there were gentiles, unbelievers, people who just came for the ride, even people who were against God. That is why John was told to measure only the worshipers inside the sanctuary. But here it speaks of the future Holy City, the new Jerusalem, it is much greater, yet all of it had to be measured because there will not be anyone who just came in for the excitement. Inside there were only God’s people and co-workers of the kingdom of heaven.

他們全都合神的規格,有神的性情、神的形像,所以就有榮耀。這量度的葦子或尺是黃金打造的,表示這城的身份非常高貴。不重要的東西,用草繩子、樹枝來量就好了。現在用黃金來量,這地方的價值,一定高過黃金。They all followed God’s standard, and had God’s nature and appearance, that is why it shone with God’s glory. The measuring rod was of gold which means that the status of this city was very noble. For things that are not important, we could use a string or a wooden ruler to measure. Now he is using a rod of gold to measure the place; this place must be worth more than gold.

舊約聖所、至聖所裡面的器具,都用精金打造。表示在聖所、至聖所服事的,都是尊貴、有神形像的同工。我們為神所做的事,都是尊貴無比的事,神的子民在神的眼中,都有尊貴、榮耀。In the Old Testament, the utensils of the sanctuary and the most holy place were all made of pure gold. This means that those who served in the sanctuary and the most holy place were honored and had God’s appearance. The work done for the Lord is an extremely noble thing and the people of God are distinguished and honored in the eyes of God.



18 城是精金的,如同明淨的玻璃。

18 The city of pure gold, as pure as glass.

城是精金的,城內的街道也是精金的。全城最重要成份就是精金。描寫這城裡神的子民都有神的性情,好像精金一樣,有神尊貴的形像,純一不雜的高貴性情。而且全都是透明的,能夠反照神榮耀、榮光,看起來就光華四射,非常榮耀。不單金是透明的,全部寶石都透明。這城是無法形容的那麽美麗光亮。所羅門王建好第一個聖殿時,祭司都走在黃金上面,內殿、外殿地板都是金子( 王上6:30) ,所以當時的聖所,就是這新耶路撒冷城的預表。預告這城都是由神榮耀的子民所組成。The city was of pure gold, the great street of the city was of pure gold. The city’s most important ingredient was pure gold. It shows that the people of this Holy City have the nature of God, like pure gold, a genuine and noble quality. It is also are pure as transparent glass which can reflect the glory of God, very glorious. Not only the gold was transparent, even the precious stones were transparent. No words could describe the glory and beauty of this city. When Solomon built the first temple, the priests walked on floors covered in gold, the other and inner rooms were covered with gold (1 Kings 6:30). The sanctuary in those times was a pre-figuration of the new Jerusalem city. Telling us in advance that this city was made from God’s glorious people.



16 城是四方的,長寬一樣。天使用葦子量那城,四千里( 原文是一萬二千個富阿郎) ,長寬高都是一樣。16 The city was laid out like a square, as long as it was wide. He measured the city with the rod and found it to be 12,000 stadia in length, and as wide and high as it is long.

這城是立體正方形的,長寬高都是一萬二千個富阿郎,約四千華里或一千五百英哩。但翻譯啟示錄不應該轉換成里數,因為數字與形狀的意義,比實際的大小更加重要。一萬二千有屬靈的含意,改成四千,就變了沒有意義了。教會的完全數是十二。一萬二千是新舊約教會所有信徒總和的完全數。在神眼中,這是完全的整體。This city was a tri-dimensional square, it was 12,000 stadia in length, and as wide and high as it was long. The Chinese translation of this passage of Revelation should not have been converted into miles, because the meaning behind those numbers and the shape of is more important than the actual size. 12,000 has a spiritual meaning but when changed to 4,000, it becomes meaningless. 12 is the complete number of the church. 12,000 is the complete sum of all the believers from the Old Testament and the New Testament. In God’s eyes, it is the entire body.

普通的城市不算其高度,不會把領空的長闊高計算。這里為甚麽會提到高度呢?因為將來的聖城,就是至聖所的真體。至聖所是正立方體的,所以這城是至聖所的放大。表示神就在裡面,城是敬拜的核心。An ordinary city will not measure the territorial air space of wide, high and long. How come the height is mentioned here? Because the future Holy City will be the true form of the Holy of Holies. Therefore, this is the magnified form of the Holy of Holies. It means that God is in it, the city is the center of worship.

後來第廿二節說,在城裡看不見有聖所。在城裡找不到聖所,因為整個新耶路撒冷城就是至聖所。這一個城就是天國的核心城,整個城市就是敬拜神的所在,基督國里未來的生活,就是以神為中心的生活。Later on, verse 22 says: “I did not see a temple in the city.” No temple was found in the city because the entire new Jerusalem was the Holy of Holies. This city is the core of the kingdom of heaven, the entire city is a place of worship. The future life in the kingdom of Christ is a God centered life.

這教會是從天上,從神那裡降下來的,完完全全是神的傑作,所以有神的榮耀。摩西建造會幕之時要按照山上的樣式,即西乃山上神啟示給摩西的樣式。主告訴我們知道,地上的教會當按天上的樣式建立,不是按人的想法,也不是按商業的眼光。教會運作的方式,不是人想出來的,是根據將來新天新地、新耶路撒冷的模式。我們現在預先已經在地上演習過,在地上組合過的組件,到天上就駕輕就熟了。This church descends from heaven, from God, it is entirely God’s masterpiece that is why it was full of the glory of God. When Moses built the tabernacle he did it according to the instructions and measurements that God gave him on Mt. Sinai. The Lord is telling us that the church on the earth is established according to the pattern in heaven, not according to the ways of the people and of businesses. The way the church operates is not according to what people think but according to the pattern of the future new heaven and new earth, new Jerusalem. Now we are practicing what to do on earth so that when we get to heaven it will be an easy drive on a familiar path, we will already know what to do.



17 又量了城牆,按著人的尺寸,就是天使尺寸,共有一百四十四肘。17 The angel measured the wall using human measurement, and it was 144 cubits thick.

有人根據這節說,人與天使一樣。其實這裡的意思是說,天使用人的度量衡,量給約翰看。雖然由天使來量,但我們不必從天使的角度來考慮,只需要用人的眼光來看就好了。Some people say that people and angels are equal, based on this verse. Actually this passage is saying that the angel used human measurement for John to see. Even though the angel was doing the measurement, we need not consider it from the angel’s point of view, we should just look at it from a man’s point of view.

城牆,是保護城市的機制。有了城牆,這城市纔是平安穩妥的。所以新耶路撒冷的城牆,是由那些拼死衛道的忠貞份子組成的。各時代都有一些為主殉道的護教人士,他們親身擋住外來的猛烈炮火,他們的生命有無比的榮耀。The city wall is a structure to protect the city. With the walls, the city is safe and secure. Therefore, the city walls of the new Jerusalem are made out of loyal people who are willing to give even their lives to protect the word. There are people in every era who are willing to become martyrs for the Lord, they would use their own bodies to block the fierce attacks against the word, their lives have incomparable glory.

城牆有一百四十四肘之高,二百多呎是很高的城牆,非常安全,不會受破壞,敵人也難攻進,是一個平安城,住在裡面的人,都享平安。The city wall was 144 cubits high; a city wall that is more than 200 feet tall is a very high wall, very safe, not easy to damage, it would very hard for the enemy to attack and overcome it, it would be a peaceful city, and those living inside would enjoy a peaceful life.

不過這裡「數字」的象徵意義,比具體的尺碼重要。其實到那時,城牆也好,城門也好,天使守衛也好,都是沒有必要的。城門不會關閉,沒有黑夜,沒有打仗,城牆有甚麽用呢?可見只是一個像徵,告訴我們這是非常安全穩妥的城。最重要的還是這些數字所代表的意義。But here the “numbers” are symbolic, it’s more important than the specific size. In fact, by then the city wall, the gates or the protection by the angels will not be necessary. The city gates will not be shut, there will be no more darkness, no wars, city walls would not be of any use anymore. As you can see, this number is symbolic; it tells us that this is a city that is very secure and safe.

144 是12 X 12 的結果。啟示錄有好些數字,是基本數字的倍數。倍數還有兩類,一種是基本數乘百倍千倍,像一萬二千是十二的千倍,強調的是最完整的總數。另一種是基本數相乘而來,12 X 12 之後的倍數,強調的是精英緊密聯繫之數,十四萬四千之數。又例如六是人的數目,六千強調是人完整的大總數,六六六指出是緊密聯合的精英組織。144 is the result of 12 x 12. Revelations has man numbers, which are the multiple of basic numbers. There are two types of multiples, one is the basic number multiplied a hundred times or a thousand times, like 12,000 is 12 x 1000. Emphasizing the total number, the most complete number. The other type is multiples of the basic number, emphasizing a number closely connected, the elite, like the number 144,000. For example, the number 6 represents people, 6,000 is the complete number, 666 a very closely knit organization of the elite.

城牆是由教會精英所組成,只有一百四十四肘,不是十四萬四千,是小組精英緊密聯合的結果。今天任何一個堅固,又不怕風浪的教會,都是有緊密聯繫、和平合一生活的結果。這不是教會的組織嚴密。聖經論到教會組織的經文很少,開始的七個執事,也是在問題產生之時纔選出來。後世卻用監督之名發展出多個職份:pope, cardinal, patriarch, major archbishop, archbishop, metropolitan bishop, suffragan bishop, auxiliary bishop ,天主教、聖公會、路德會都有許多等級的職份。在神的藍圖中,並不重視這些。不是忽略了,乃是世界來的系統,並不重要。凡是有等級階梯,就有人想要爬上高層去,教會就會像政治團體一樣的黑暗。教會是一個大家庭,人人平等,大家以愛互相維繫。The city walls are made of the church’s elite, it is only 144 cubits, not 144,000, is the result of the close union of an elite group. Today, churches that are firm and stable and are not afraid of any kind of storm, are the result of a life of peace, of close relationship and unity. It is not because of their strict organization. There are few verses in the Bible related to church organization, the first 7 deacons were chosen because of a problem that arose in the church . Later generations developed different names for the position of overseer in the church: pope, cardinal, patriarch, major archbishop, archbishop, metropolitan bishop, suffragan bishop, auxiliary bishop. The Catholic Church, Anglican Church and Lutheran Church have different levels for each position . In God’s blueprint, these titles are not that important because these are worldly systems. People tend to want to go up the ladder of success whenever there are positions with levels to climb. Then the church would be as d ark as a political organization. The church is big family, everyone is equal, we hold together with the bond of love.



18 牆是碧玉造的。

18 The wall was made of jasper.

除了整個城是精金之外,有些部份有額外加上去的寶石。像城牆、城牆根基、城門等,這幾個部位除了精金之外,再外加寶石、珍珠之類的華美裝飾。「牆是碧玉造的」,原文endwmeisis 源自enduw 「穿衣」的「穿」字。精金的城牆上穿上了寶石。In addition to the whole city wall being made of fine gold, some parts are superimposed with gems. Like the city walls, the foundation of the walls, the city gates, etc., all these parts besides being of the fine gold, it also has extra gems, pearls and the like, beautifully decorated. “The wall was made of jasper”, the original text uses the world “ endwmeisis ” which comes from “ enduw ” , meaning “to dress”. City walls of fine gold dressed with precious stones.

城牆講究實用,最重要是堅固。這裡的城牆,加上榮耀裝飾,代表那些護教的偉大聖徒,都得到特別的榮耀。從第二世紀開始,有很多護教的偉大聖徒出現,組成了這堅固的城牆。他們的工作是保護從使徒傳出來的信仰。It is important for the city wall to be practical and more importantly to be firm and stable. This city wall has added glorious decorations, which means that these great saints that protect the church, they all receive special glory. Starting from the beginning of the second century, many great saints appeared, which are part of this strong city wall. Their job was to defend the beliefs passed on by apostles



19 城牆根基是用各樣寶石修飾的。第一根基是碧玉,第二是藍寶石,第叁是綠瑪瑙,第四是綠寶石20 第五是紅瑪瑙,第六是紅寶石,第七是黃璧璽,第八是水蒼玉,第九是紅璧璽,第十是翡翠,第十一是紫瑪瑙,第十二是紫晶。19 The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone.The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, 20 the fifth onyx, the sixth ruby, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl , the ninth topaz, the tenth turquoise, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst.

出埃及記28:17-20 也有記載,大祭司亞倫供職時穿的以弗得,其上有四排,也是十二顆寶石。這舊約、新約兩系列的寶石,當然是用不同的文字寫,在不同的時代寫。多個名字現在已經不知道是甚麽。Exodus 28:17-20 mentions that when Aaron was consecrated as high priest, the breast piece that was made for him also had four rows of precious stones, 12 precious stones all together. The names of the precious stones from the Old Testament and the New Testament are different because they were written in different eras. Many of the names of the precious stones are unknown to us.

舊約的寶石代表12 支派的領袖,新約的寶石代表12 使徒。啟示錄的記載裡,12 支派的名字在城門上,12 使徒的名字在根基上。雖然寶石大致相似,卻是不同的兩組人,有不同的職份,也有不同的榮耀。The precious stones in the Old Testament represented the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel; the precious stones in the New Testament represent the 12 apostles. In Revelation, the names of the 12 tribes are written on the city gates and the names of the 12 apostles are written on the foundation. Although the precious stones are similar, they represent two different groups of people, they hold different offices, and they have different glory.

如果這12 寶石以顏色來分組的話,新舊約都分成叁大組。是彩虹的前、中、後叁大色彩。第一組以紅色為主,第二組藍綠色為主,第叁組紫白色為重,指出福音的叁大系列工作。紅色代表十字架的救恩,藍綠色代表屬天的團契生活,紫白色代表作王的得勝生活。If we separate these 12 precious stones by colors, the Old and New Testament could be divide into 3 groups. They would would be the first, middle and last color of the rainbow. The first group is mainly red, the second group is mainly aquamarine and the third group is purple, which indicates the three major works of the Gospel. Red represents the salvation through the cross, aquamarine represents the life of heavenly fellowship, purple represents the king’s victorious life.

使徒的工作使命,除了傳福音使人歸主之外,也使教會弟兄姊妹彼此過團契生活,使人在今世預嘗天國的滋味。他們的工作也包括造就眾聖徒,使眾弟兄姊妹過著作王的生活,活出高貴得勝的人生。這是立根基的使徒們之工作。The mission of the apostles, in addition to preaching the gospel to point them to the Lord, is to lead the brothers and sisters of the church to live in fellowship with one another, so that they will have a taste of heaven in this world. Their work also includes building up the saints, so brothers and sisters would live a noble victorious life, as kings. This is the work of the apostles who established the foundation.

「城牆的根基是用各樣寶石修飾的。」也指出那些寶石是額外加上去的,特別給它有更大的榮耀。“The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone.” This indicates that the precious stones were added for decoration, to give it a more glorious look.

城牆的根基,不是用來裝飾的,應該是實而不華,以實用為主,不講究豪華美麗。但這個城牆的根基鋪滿寶石,非常尊貴,有12 使徒的名字,表示眾使徒不單是神的啟示的傳達者,是我們信仰的根基人物,而且他們在天國里,是最重要的人物。如果沒有他們,教會一定醜陋可憐。他們除了實際上是偉大的工人之外,他們的身份也有極大的尊貴榮耀。將會受到永遠的尊重。The foundation of the city wall is not used for decoration, it should be solid, mainly practical, not pretentious, it shouldn’t be luxurious or beautiful. But the foundation of this city wall is covered with precious stones, very noble, it had the names of the 12 apostles. This shows that all the apostles were not only the conveyors of God’s revelation, the foundation of our faith, but also very important figures in the kingdom of heaven. Without them, the church would be unseemly and pitiful. In addition of being great workers, they have a very respectable and glorious position. In the future they will be honored eternally.



21 十二個門是十二顆珍珠,每門是一顆珍珠。

21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl.

12 個城門也有珍珠的裝飾。珍珠也是寶物,因為完全不經人手加工,沒有人可以使珍珠更漂亮,是完全天然的產品。珍珠的特色是,必經歷艱難痛苦而產生。所以城門是由殉道者組成的,他們用流血方式,打開進入天國的門,衝出一條血路,使後來的眾聖徒能進入天國。城門上也有十二支派的名字,表示救恩也是從以色列眾先祖出來的。The 12 city gates were decorated with pearls. Pearls are also very precious because they are formed without manual processing, no one can make pearls, they are completely natural. The characteristic of a pearl is that is the product of difficulty and sufferings. Therefore, the city gates are made up of martyrs who used their blood to open the door to the kingdom of heaven, in order that through this road of blood others could enter into the kingdom of heaven. The names of the 12 tribes of Israel are written in the city gates, which means that salvation also comes from the ancestors of Israel.



22 我未見城內有殿,因主神全能者和羔羊為城的殿。23 那城內又不用日月光照,因有神的榮耀光照,又有羔羊為城的燈。22 I did not see a temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. 23 The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.

新天新地裡再沒有太陽、月亮等光體,不過,我們再也不需要那些光體了。這城裡就有極大的榮光、榮耀,因為榮耀的神、榮耀的羔羊就在裡面,住在城裡,所以再沒有黑夜,全是白晝。神的榮光使她永遠成為白晝。所以這城的城門是永遠不關的。整個城就是至聖所,整個城就是敬拜神的中心,就是神的居所。The new heaven and the new earth will not have any sun or moon, but we will not have need for them anymore. This city has great light and glory because the glorious God and the glorious Lamb dwells in the city, therefore, there is no more darkness, there will always be light. That is why the doors of the city will never be closed. The entire city is the Holy of Holies, the entire city is a worship center for God, it is the dwelling place of God.



24 列國要在城的光裡行走,地上的君王必將自己的榮耀歸與那城。26 人( 他們) 必將列國的榮耀尊貴歸與那城。24 The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. 26 The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it.

「列國」原文是ethnei ,可譯為「其他的人民」。指那些包圍著這至聖所的城而住的人,是上述眾同工之外的其他子民,「地上的君王」也就是他們的領導人。凡住在新耶路撒冷城裡的,都是極為尊貴的同工:使徒、殉道者、衛道之士、先祖們、殿中柱子人物。至於在今世已經與神不是那麽親近的信徒們,當然到那時候,也不會住在神的居所當中。“The nations”, the original text is “ ethnei ”, it can be translated as “other ethnic groups”. It refers to those who dwell surrounding the most holy place, besides the above mentioned fellow workers, “the kings of the earth” are also their leaders. Those who live inside the new Jerusalem are the co-workers who are extremely honorable: Apostles, martyrs, defenders of the faith, patriarchs, those who are the pillars of the temple. As for the believers that are not so close to God in this age, of course they will not be living in God’s dwelling place.

人以為,天國里是沒有變化的屬靈世界,全部人都是一個樣子,過一樣的生活,住在相同的環境,大家都彈著豎琴唱歌。請問現在是不是人人會彈琴?如果不是,將來又怎麽會人人彈琴呢?其實來世是今世的延續,今世的生活影響來世,每個人的將來都不會相同。而且將來的生活都是多姿多彩的,神的恩典,神的奧妙,是我們永遠發現不完的。People think that the kingdom of heaven is a world that does have any variety, everyone will look the same, they will all live in the same way, the same environment, they will all be playing a harp and singing songs. Let me ask you a question, does everyone now know how to play the harp? If the answer is no, then how could everyone be playing a harp in the future? Actually, eternity is the continuation of this life, your life today influences your life in eternity, not everyone’s future will be the same. Furthermore, our future lives will be very diverse, God’s grace, God’s mystery, we will never cease to discover.

住在這城裡的是最尊貴的聖徒,像使徒開天劈地,又有為天國犧牲的,為基督而活的人。其他子民都可以進去敬拜神,因為他們的名字都在羔羊生命冊上,有神所賜的生命,但不一定有機會住在裡面。The saints living inside this city are the most honorable, they have died for Christ and sacrificed themselves for the kingdom of heaven. All other people can go in the city and worship God because their names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life , they have the life that God has given them, but they might not have the opportunity to dwell therein.

因為信主的人不是得到一個天國的簽證,乃是得主的生命。生命的豐盛程度,人人不同,將來的生活豐盛與否,就看我們現在生命的豐盛度了。不過,不是住在城裡的人,仍然可以獻出自己的力量,使這一個事奉的城、敬拜的城,充滿榮耀. When you believe in the Lord, you do not get a visa to enter the kingdom of heaven, you get the life of the Lord. The abundant life in each person is different. The abundant of life of a person in the future, will depend in the abundant life that they have now. However, those who do not get to live inside the city can still offer their strength, so that this serving city, this city of worship, will be filled with glory.